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SuperPole FRS – Pole Only

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The SuperPole FRS Pole is a floor mounted support pole that’s specially made for care facilities. A floor receptacle is permanently installed into the concrete, flush with the floor surface to reduce trip hazards. When not in use, the receptacle is sealed with a liquid tight cap. When support is needed, the cap is easily removed and the pole can be installed into the receptacle. The SuperPole FRS makes adapting to the needs of different clients in a care facility easier than ever.

Pole Diameter: 1.5”
Pole Height: 53.75” (when installed)
Floor Receptacle- 3.9375” x 1.875 diameter
Concrete Slab Min Depth: 6”
Material: Alloy steel
Finish: Anti-microbial white powder coat
Weight Capacity: 450lbs
Contractor Recommended