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Diago Wall Cabinet Lift



DIAGO 504 is a cabinet lift mounted at the back of new or existing wall cabinets. The lift lowers the cabinet in a curved movement down to the front edge of the countertop Several cabinets can be mounted on the same lift. Suitable for different cabinet depths and heights. Available in sizes from 24-70″ (60-180cm) DIAGO 504 is an electrically operated lifting and lowering system for installation of new or existing wall cabinets. The lift is a diagonal lift which lowers the cabinet down and forward in an arc-shaped motion to the front edge of the working area. The movement can be stopped at an optional height.

The cabinet is lowered to the desired height simply by pushing a button. Choose between recessed control button or remote control.

The lift is equipped with a reliable safety system in the form of safety trip panels which guarantee safe operation with no risk of being crushed.Safety trip panels are mounted under the cabinet. When the panel is touched, the lift stops immediately. The unit is connected to a standard household wall outlet mounted above the cabinet.


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